Olena Savchuk


The relevance of the study is the need to collect data on the creation and formation of a separate specialization of opera directing in modern Ukraine. Disclosure and research of personalities who by their actions made possible education in this direction. Collection of arguments, chronological sequence of events, development and achievements of this specialty through the history of the director. Properly reveal the scope of Valery Kurbanov's life experiences, which at its core had an impact on the education of the next generation of students. Scientific novelty is the collection of biographical data of the director - one of the founders and initiators of the opening of a separate specialization. Despite its undeniable influence and powerful activity, biography in the scientific literature has had only fragmentary coverage with some ambiguous information that varied in dates and events. The conducted research will allow to define more fully the events of the life path, which is important not only in the context of knowledge of the industry, but also in the national collection of stories of volitional families of the country, which carried the cultural code and passed it to the next generations, despite the difficult circumstances. Main objectives of the study is to open and emphasize the circle and the atmosphere of growth, which form a strong, talented personality. To pay tribute and actualize the contribution to the modern cultural map of Ukraine of a person who was born far beyond the ancestral land, but in his actions and realization of talents he gave his best years to his native places, was the initiator of development and movement of theatrical art in the direction of modern trends of Europe and the world . The method of coverage was a series of interviews with family, colleagues, students, Valery Kurbanov, who can attest and reveal biographical factors of the director's life path. The main findings and conclusions of the study are that the depth and scope of the education, experience and practical implementation that will be a significant useful experience for the future generation, the field of opera directing and art of Ukraine as a whole is outlined.


archival documents; music directing; opera directing; theater; activity of Valery Kurbanov


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