Vol 43 (2017)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31318/0130-5298.2017.43.0

Table of Contents

Ukrainian National P.I. Chaykovsky Music Academy as the Scientific Center of Europe PDF (Українська)
V. Rozhok 4-12
Historical preconditions of creation of the conservatory of galician music society in Lviv PDF (Українська)
T. Mazepa 13-26
The musical phenomenon in the films by Sergey Parajanov PDF (Русский)
S. Sarkisyan 27-40
Traditions of Biedermeier in the Galician musical culture of the XIX century PDF (Українська)
M. Novakovych 41-51
Phonemic and lado-intonation analysis of Ukrainian monodic chants of the 17th – 18th century: verbal-poetic and musical patterns PDF (Українська)
L. Putyatytska 52-64
The fate of Sergei Bortkiewicz’s manuscripts: lost and found PDF (Українська)
T. Yakubov 65-80
«Her Stories Unsung»: embedding feminist activism for social change within musical composition for concert hall programming PDF
Kevin Malone 94-111
Features of theatricality in the Concert № 2 for bayan and chamber orchestra by Anatoliy Gaydenko “From ancestral times…” PDF (Українська)
A. Yeremenko 112-120
The Perform Strategy of the Valentyn Sylvestrov`s String Quartette No. 1 by the String Quartette named after Mykola Lysenko PDF (Українська)
Yu. Chemerys 121-129
Symbolic elements of the structure in Viktor Kosenko’s Sonata for violin and piano op. 19 PDF (Українська)
D. Kharitonova 130-144
Transformation of modern musical thinking through the prism of Sergei Zazhytko’s creativity PDF (Українська)
O. Beregova 81-93
«Golden Age» of the Italian opera of Odessa: Havrylo Androsov’s enterprise in the season of 1850–1851 PDF (Українська)
К. Batsak 145-165
«Harakiri» and «Radames» by Peter Eötvös: European reading of Japanese traditions in the operatic drama of the XX century PDF (Українська)
R. Sokachyk 166-176
Zoya Hayday’s concert activity in the 1930s: vocal and performance social and cultural aspects PDF (Українська)
O. Katsalap 177-193
Dmytro Gnatyuk on the opera stage (1951–1952) PDF (Українська)
V. Bondarchuk 194-201