Transformation of modern musical thinking through the prism of Sergei Zazhytko’s creativity




Ukrainian music, visualization, postmodernism, theater of absurd, musical absurdism, modern musical thinking


The focus is on the transitional nature of the present civilization, the changing paradigms of the performance and perception of music, the gradual maturing of a new type of thinking in contemporary musical consciousness. There are such phenomena as the dominance of the spectacular factor over the actual musical in modern musical thinking, the increasing visualization of the musical process. The development of this trend provoked the emergence in Ukrainian music of the last decades of new genre varieties that had never been before – happenings, performances, role-playing games, musical-actionist actions. Some aspects of the transformation of contemporary musical thinking are revealed on the example of creativity of the Ukrainian composer of middle generation Sergei Zazhytko. The style of S. Zazhytko was formed under the influence of the idea of the synthesis of arts. The fascination with modern fine arts, literature, theater, cinema, and his own literary work contributed to the development of a certain synthetic form for expression in composer’s practice. The creativity of S. Zazhytko "fit" into the concept of Ukrainian musical postmodernism. In the article postmodern is considered as a philosophical trend and the type of outlook of contemporary artist. The fascination with the theater of the absurd, the aesthetics of the works of F. Kafka, E. Yonesko, S. Becket and S. Mrozhek turned out to be a coherent world outlook and creative principles of S. Zazhytko, who became the founder of musical absurdism in Ukrainian music. The processes of transformation of contemporary musical thinking are illustrated by the example of the review analysis of such works by S. Zazhytko as «Gersteker» for piano and character (1995), «For Samuel Beckett» for double bass and actor (1996), «More! ..» for baritone, clarinet (1996), «Zbigniew Batyuk» for singing actor, balloons and balloons (1998), «Recitative and aria of the shadow of father Nicholas Nechiporuk from the opera "Legends of the Nanalo-Jamaican District"(2010).

Author Biography

O. Beregova, Національна музична академія України імені П. І. Чай­ков­ського

Берегова Олена Миколаївна – доктор мистецтвознавства, професор, проректор з на­укової роботи Національної музичної академії України імені П. І. Чай­ков­ського (Київ).


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