The musical environment as the object of local musical study




regional studies, local research, cultural social-locus, musical environment, art


At the turn of XX–XXI in Ukrainian musical study more popular became local musical research as complex course concerning of creativity of musicians, composers and teachers lived in a small town and village in Ukraine. In each town was created unique environments that help to develop for every person. The relevance of musical life in the province towns study is demonstrating only part of musical life of whole Ukraine; it makes a great contribute for society consolidation and national self-determination. Also, this is important representations of local achievements in European perspective. The main objective of the study is musical environment as important component of musical local study. For researching used scholar instruments that contains theoretical and practical aspects. In the researching the scholars note some kind of professional musicals-performance, genres of repertoire, creativity vision of local performances, some kind of skills as amateur, professional, academic and songwriting. The practical aspects consider the review of musical environment in Nizhyn in Chernigov region from XIX to XXI. In this town was born such famous in Ukraine and abroad persons as actress Maria Zankovetska, trumpeter Tymofiy Dokshytser, flutist Andrii Protsenko, singers Maria Brovchenko and Mark Bernes.

For the study of the cultural space of the urban environment historical-functional method is important, because it’s the essence of which is in the disclosure of the facts of the past, present, in the context of their functional significance.

For disclosure of the essence, forms of the musical environment by Nezhin, there is creative-potential, educational, cognitive, social-communicative mechanisms.

For completing research of musical environment in Nizhyn were used criterions as creative and potential, learning and research, social and communication. They helps to discover significance role of collective project in local, regional and international levels for popularization Nizhyn’s musical traditions. The results were reached due to the information in archival documents, memories, correspondence Nizhyn’s citizens, research contain in scholars papers concerning local musical study and regional history. Has been definite the term of musical environments as the complex all musical activities kinds in the town (settlement, province), that provided by the creative activities of citizenships if this town.

Author Biography

О. Kavunnyk, Mykola Gogol State University of Nizhyn

Olena Kavunnyk, PhD, associate professor in faculty of musical pedagogic and choreography under Department of culture and art in Mykola Gogol State University of Nizhyn


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